Oscar Chalupsky has been named as the winner of the inaugural Joe Glickman Award.

Honouring the legacy of the internationally renowned surfski writer and advocate, the Joe Glickman Award recognises those who have displayed commitment, dedication and respect to our beloved sport.

The decision to award Chalupsky the 2020 award was judged by panel members Bruce Seymour, Dawid Mocke, Michele Eray, Jim Hoffman and Dean Gardiner.

Chalupsky says receiving the inaugural award is already an achievement he values as much as his finest race wins.

You can view the full presentation in the video player above, where each panel member explains why ‘The Big O’ deserved to be honoured.

Dawid Mocke: “The thing that always stands out for me watching you at events, it doesn’t matter who the person is that comes across your path, you’re always so willing to help, to coach and to give advice.”

Michele Eray: “It’s incredible your reach. People that you’ve never met always come up to me and want to talk about you. They don’t know you… but somehow you’ve had contact online. It’s just incredible.”

Dean Gardiner: You have done so much for paddling and been such a good ambassador over so many years, you’re certainly a fitting winner. Your relationship with Joe makes it even more special as well.

Jim Hoffman: “I don’t think there’s anyone in this community has taught more people than you. Probably ten fold. You’re so far reaching in your influence and effects on people, and for that I’m forever grateful of you.”

Bruce Seymour: “Besides the obvious record of the 12 Molokai wins, for me, your relentless travel schedule to spread the surfski stoke and enthusiasm, coaching people from all walks of life from all over the world is a showing of amazing commitment.

Beth Glickman: “You have always been willing to share your love of surfski, your experience and your help no matter how rank of a beginner – and who was more rank of a beginner than my husband Joe Glickman. I have thought many times that Joe would want to be there for you in the same way you were there for him, now he can be. You’ve got his award.”

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